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  • Chris Hall
    Feb 13, 2018

    What is it? Essentially a mobile hail, Button presses are sent directly to the closest, available meter. When you accept the ride, the ride is then locked as yours until you pick up the assigned customer, providing a fast, reliable taxi service for rider and driver. How does it work? 1) Rider taps for taxi. 2) Requests are sent to the closest available vehicles. 3) Your SmartMeter is alerted of ride by a whistle - Drivers press accept on the meter screen to claim the ride.  4) On-Screen GPS shows drivers the way to your fare. 5) Accept. Ride. Repeat. The button acts as virtual taxi line. It is a convenient way to quickly call taxis from restaurant host stands, apartment lobbies, shopping malls, and other locations. In only 6 months, the Button helps facilitate 30% of taxi rides in Las Vegas, with drivers completing almost 20,000 Kaptyn Taxi Button trips in December 2017.  Hear the whistle, accept the ride and enjoy a simple way to get more rides. Any questions? Let us know below.