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NYC Smart City ’17 Scaling Smart Cities Through Smart Mobility

It may have been torrential downpour in New York last Friday but it was raining innovation inside the Duggal Greenhouse at Brooklyn Navy Yards as global visionaries gathered for Day 3 of the NYC Smart Cities ‘17.

The focus of the day was future innovation through collaboration, and arguably one of the most intriguing panels included Kaptyn CEO, Andrew Meyers. Joined by Kamran Siddique, Founder and Executive Director of City Innovate foundation, Gianluca Galletto, President, DG Advisor and moderated by Chairman and Co-founder of PVBLIC Foundation Sergio Fernández de Córdova, the panel of entrepreneurial heavy-hitters opened the discussion around Scaling Smart Cities.

Kaptyn CEO began the address with what Kaptyn is to smart cities —

“The key word is mobility; movement on wheels of people and things. At Kaptyn we focus on the true core of critical mass mobility — empowering legacy infrastructure with systemic efficiencies industry wide; cost savings, more rides per day, enhanced driver scoring and vehicle safety, Big Data telematics — the list goes on.”

(Left to right: Kamran Siddique, Andrew Meyers, Gianluca Galletto, Sergio Fernández de Córdova)

The panel then delved deep into how to develop scale in the smart city environment with Siddique and Galletto siting capacity to innovatively adapt and equate the right influence, the right talent, the right best practices and the right partnerships as key.

Meyers concentrated on the role of public private partnerships as foundations for scale —

“The Kaptyn technology has facilitated 60 Million rides in one of the most regulated taxi markets — Las Vegas, and the way to scale this in other markets is through partnership. To build a house first you need land, then the infrastructure, then a designer — we need to be agnostic. It’s time to look inside the governance and evaluate the regulatory framework, we need to work with the government to create scale.”

The NCWM/NIST approved technology platform is operational in 90% of the Las Vegas taxi market, and is piloting in 250 cars in New York City after being celebrated as a NYC Vision Zero Vehicle Safety Vendor.

With the iconic yellow New York taxi dominating artwork throughout the venue, Kaptyn took a stand to invest in the US taxi industry and are now strategically focused on growing the platform throughout the country.

Meyers ended the panel by addressing the City of New York “We are calling out to the City, we have a verified, regulated solution. We can prove the Data.”

Watch the panel in its entirety here https://www.facebook.com/KaptynTaxi/

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