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Join Kaptyn at the TLPA 99th Annual Convention

The TLPA's 99th Annual Convention & Trade Show is fast approaching. This years event is being held in the Hyatt Regency in Denver, Colorado from October 8-12 and tickets can be purchased from the TLPA website here.

The event is a great opportunity for you to see the Kaptyn platform and witness the benefits it can bring to your company first hand. That being said, on Monday October 9th and Tuesday October 10th we have booked a private room in the Hyatt Regency, Denver and will be hosting event attendees for individual meetings with the Kaptyn team. We will have 30 minute time slots available to demo our federally regulated Smart Meter and Fleet Management software platform, discuss how it can innovate your operations, and find out more about you and your taxi business.. If you haven't already set up a time to meet with us and would like to, please send us an email at info@kaptyn.co and we will make the necessary arrangements with you. Additionally, please fill in our short survey beforehand to help us better understand your taxi company and make the most of your time with us in Denver.

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