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Like most employees in thousands of industries globally, taxi drivers are striving to succeed. Yet, with shifting market conditions and the rise in popularity of ridesharing apps, it has become increasingly difficult to do so. Transportation Network Companies (TNC) have saturated the taxi market and the siphoned demand and migration of drivers from cabs have seen medallion prices plummet, leaving many drivers struggling to find rides to manage their upkeep.

Being a taxi driver is no easy task, and with long hours and the heavy overhead of leasing and maintaining vehicles, a bad shift means ending the day at a loss. Time has become increasingly valuable to drivers, for every minute spent not on a trip, drivers are losing money. Long administration and back office processes are becoming a hindrance to drivers day-to-day.

At Kaptyn we have spent years fine-tuning a platform that empowers drivers to compete in this new environment. With our holistic approach to reinventing taxi fleets we focused on streamlining archaic processes through technology, and have created a proven platform to save drivers valuable minutes, increase their daily trip numbers and better connect with potential riders.


In fleets using legacy technology, drivers are losing hours of trip time through long, drawn out administration processes. Whether it be long log-in or cashiering lines, or simply searching the parking lot for vehicles, valuable minutes are being spent not on or searching for a fare.

Having moved driver and vehicle information to our fleet management software, drivers can now log-in to their shifts remotely and are immediately shown vehicle information and location, finding themselves on-shift and in-vehicle in a matter of seconds. Similarly, the end of their shift, the Kaptyn SmartMeter shows a breakdown of drivers’ daily trip statistics. They know exactly how much they made via cash, credit card, tips and how much is owed for vehicle leasing. The meter automatically downloads trip data once a driver arrives on company property or other set drop-off locations. The data is then downloaded as an electronic trip sheet and recorded in their individual records in the fleet management system. Drivers can then reconcile their own accounts and deposit the specified amount in an electronic safe, trackable in CabManager. This removal of long cashiering processes allows drivers to complete extra rides before returning to the depot.

Better still, the specific trip date collected in our fleet management database allows for in-depth productivity reports on every shift. Drivers can better understand their habits and processes to better improve their performance, achieve more rides and ultimately, earn more money.


We remove dashboard distractions and display all the information a driver needs on one device to create a simple, effective and efficient driver experience. Ride requests are funneled through our intelligent dispatch system and sent directly to the SmartMeter. Drivers are alerted of fares by a ‘whistle’ sounds alert and can accept or decline rides in one click. Drivers can then easily select a payment method and have direct access to real-time messaging, extensive shift/trip data and GPS live map to their next destination.

Moreover, the call feature on the SmartMeter has helped build driver-customer trust. When a ride is accepted, drivers contact the passenger directly without disclosing personal information. By calling, the driver knows 100% that the customer is still there and the customer knows that there is a cab on the way, allowing drivers to establish a relationship and build customer service with a passenger before they pick them up.


In many markets, dispatch is broken. Customers are uncertain if cars will show up when they are scheduled, and it is not uncommon for riders to call multiple taxi companies with the hope that one shows up. However, frequently multiple taxis show up, only to find that the customer has already left with a different car. This breeds mistrust of calls amongst drivers, who are less likely to show up the next time, and a vicious cycle of driver-rider mistrust. Our Universal Dispatch solves this problem.

Once a customer makes a request, the three closest cars to them are pinged through the SmartMeter. The first driver to claim the ride owns that customer, and the meter is locked until the assigned customer is collected. This means that drivers cannot leave the allocated fare to pick up another passenger unless they cancel the initial ride. By creating one single supply pool, riders know that they are calling for the closest taxi without having to make several requests to different companies, and drivers have the peace of mind of knowing that a ride they claim is really theirs.

What is more, DispatchStudio allows the integration of multiple demand sources into a single funnel. Nowadays, the accessibility, affordability and reliability of taxis are the driving force behind the decision making of riders and we provide more ways to connect drivers with expectant riders. Phone calls, web requests, button requests and e-hails all go into the same central input, and are handled by the system, which dispatches the closest car to the request to ensure the fastest service possible.

By reducing the amount of time consumed through administrative activities of drivers alone, we have been able to add an average of 2 trips to each shift. Our new and innovative demand drivers provide 30% of rides in the markets we operate in, and we are continuously looking for ways in which we can bringing added value to drivers. We have built an open platform that can evolve and integrate with new technologies, ensuring both fleets and drivers are provided with the opportunity of continuous growth, innovation and success.

Learn more about Kaptyn at www.kaptyn.com and share your thoughts on the future of the taxi industry in our driver forum.

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