The Kaptyn

Technology Platform

Our focus and commitment since day one has been to build a platform that is sustainable under all regulation, creates business efficiencies and provides fleets with on-demand supply and white glove service for today's mobility/ride-sharing expectations. 

Integrated Fleet Technology

"The true brain of a connected vehicle"

Kaptyn has developed a nationally accredited and regulated meter and driver data technology that is agnostic for it's electric vehicle fleet vehicle OEM interfaces.

Our Technology allows for multiple e-hail app integrations, GPS, Bluetooth, cell enabled hands-free mobile device and much more.

Connected, Energy-Efficient Vehicles 

"Operating efficiencies throughout your business"

As the operating system of our Smart Meter, our fleet management software provides countless enterprise efficiencies and allows for cashiering, shift tracking and performance data to be easily tracked and reconciled in real time.

It consolidates data collected in the Smart Meter and provides fleet owners with a comprehensive view of their business, while streamlining the day-to-day operations of drivers through electronic trip sheets, GPS car allocation and live bookkeeping. 

Modern Sustainable


"Reliable supply equals demand"

By consolidating demand through a single funnel, we create efficient, reliable fulfillment across the market, exceeding customer expectations and raising the bar for what a taxi system can be.

We have built a platform that is e-hail agnostic allows for any mobile app to communicate directly and securely to dispatch the closest, vacant, licensed taxi.

Vehicle Safety Solution (VSS)

"Safety is key"

Our extensive vehicle safety solution is 1 of 4 nationally certified and regulated in every class of vehicle 


Management is alerted to risky driver behavior including: aggressive acceleration, hard braking, speeding and more.


Data is ran through extensive logic to create a unique Driver Score that is reported for individual safety and insurance needs.


Reduces accidents by more than 30% through MobilEye and a proprietary advanced collision avoidance system.


Data storage centers provide full operational redundancy, data backup and data retention/storage, and utilizes the latest in access-control and surveillance technologies to ensure that only authorized persons have access to data.

Smart Payment Processing

"Faster, smarter payments"

Our Smart Meter integrates with point of sale devices for easy cashiering and faster driver payments. Our software offers the flexibility to be implemented as a complete system, or to integrate with existing solutions.

Our strategic hardware and processing partnerships allows us to offer fleets the most competitive credit card processing rates in the industry.


Let us design a pricing model that supports your market and your business.

Zero upfront hardware or implementation costs.

A per ride fee based off

your trip data.

The most competitive credit card
processing rates in the industry.

Tell us about your Taxi business to understand how Kaptyn can support your fleet’s needs.


Systemic transformation and seamless implementation. The Kaptyn platform has created countless cost and resource efficiencies. Our drivers are completing more rides, which makes them happier, which makes riders happier.

—  Jere McBride, Yellow Checker Star, LV  —

Changing mobility for good.

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